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Picture a bag that's uniquely you—because it's designed to be CUSTOMIZED by you.

Bag Ladies. The world is full of us. We carry every kind of handbag imaginable. That’s why we founded The Bag Ladies—to offer you handbags with distinction. Handbags that are different from anyone else’s because they have your personal touch.

Our handbags are fun and inexpensive ways to show people what really matters to you. Best of all, you can change your message whenever you like.

The Bag Ladies Collection. Carry them. Tailor them. Be passionate. Be fun.

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Newest Handbag Design - The Gallery Belted Handbag
Gallery Belted Handbag
Gallery Handbag - A Great Gift Idea for Grandparents
Pink Baby and Tot Bag


The Bag Ladies - Baby and Tot Bag
  • Choose the perfect style from the Bag Ladies collection

  • Pick your favorite photographs, art, collectibles or other items for display

  • Insert them into the clear display panels

Go where you wanna go - with a bag that's uniquely you.